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Interesting Posts in the Adoption Blogospere

A couple of times a week, I like to make a cup of tea and catch up on some of my favorite adoption blogs. Here’s a few of the posts that caught my eye. Smile

Lori, a valued member of our adoption forums, blogged about what Adoption Utopia would look like to you. Based on my personal experience with adoption (as an adoptive parent and a sister to an adoptee), my reply was:

My adoption utopia would be that after being abused by their biological parents, children are not victimized again by the foster care system. My children spent four years in foster care before we adopted them and that should be unacceptable to everyone in the adoption community. I would love to see children freed for adoption within six months of being placed in foster care.

Tracy posted the link to a review she did of Adoption House Adoption Agency at a website that allows people to review adoption agencies. It looks like a useful resource for anyone seeking an agency to work with. For those of you that used an agency, (we adopted through our state’s foster care system), take a few minutes and post a review…either positive or negative. It could really make a difference in someone’s decision.

Marcie blogged about the recent recommendations from the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute on transracial adoptions. It’s a topic I blogged about also…(just not as nice as Marcie did-lol)

This last one is from several months back, but I found this great blog when the author left a really nice comment on our post on transracial adoption. She’s an adult adoptee who reflects back on the day she was adopted. The comments that she received are quite heartwarming as well. Smile


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