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A Young Adoptee Deals With Past Hurt

I recently posted about my 12 year old daughter discovering that she’s an “adoptee”, which is why I chose the title of this post.

If you’ve read our adoption story, you know that she and her siblings were removed from their biological home and placed into protective custody the day before her 4th birthday. *sigh* What a burden for a little girl to handle. Her first full day in the foster care system was her 4th birthday. Frown

Needless to say, her birthday is never a happy time for her. Every year, as her birthday approaches, she becomes moody, short-tempered and very sensitive. I feel so badly for her because she never gets to truly enjoy her birthday.

I was discussing this issue with the members at the Forever Parents adoption forum because her birthday was approaching. One of our members suggested she celebrate her birthday on a different day. I ran the idea by her and she said she wanted to think about it. The next day she came to me and said, yes she thought it was a good idea. Smile

My sweet, sweet daughter wanted to share her new birth date with someone she loves so she thought about sharing my birthday. Only problem is my birthday is in January and she would have to wait six months to celebrate. The she thought of sharing my husband’s birthdate but his has just passed last month.

Her eyes lit up and she said “I know-I’ll share Mom-Mom’s day!!”. My mothers birthday is only two weeks after hers. Smile

So this year, for the first time, she was able to let go of the hurt surrounding her birthday and just enjoy her day! Well, her and my mom’s day. Smile A picture of my two birthday girls with their cake, It says ‘Happy Birthday To The Two Geminis”.

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4 Responses to “A Young Adoptee Deals With Past Hurt”

  1. Faith Allen says:

    That is soooo sweet!! You made me tear up (and I even knew what was coming from reading about this in the forums!!).

    - Faith

  2. Joanne says:

    Thanks Faith!! After all the layers of hurt peeled away from her, there was a very sensative young lady underneath. Smile

  3. BestLight says:

    That is a precious picture. And a precious story and three precious generations.

  4. Joanne says:

    Thank you. Smile That’s very, very sweet.


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